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WiseBirth Doula Services

Hello! My name is Corrine Aarestad and I am a doula. I am DONA-trained and Birth Boot Camp certified. I have taken a Spinning Babies workshop and I am familiar with and passionate about the Spinning Babies approach. Thank you for visiting!

Why WiseBirth? Because in order to have wisdom in birth, there has to be three basic elements:

1. Informed choices that reflect the individuality of the mother and her pregnancy

2. Trusting the innate knowledge of the body

3. Working alongside the body and mind to promote and respect the birthing process

As your doula, I will be your guide and help you and your partner get the information, support, and freedom you need to birth your baby in the most loving and wisdom-filled way that you decide on.

I live in Buffalo, Minnesota and serve clients within a 60-mile radius, at home, hospital, or birth center.

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My Story

How I Got Here

I decided to become a doula after attending the birth of a close family member who had requested me.  It was a difficult birth, to say the least.  I began educating myself in the years after this birth.  I saw how many things could have gone better if there had been informed decision making, more freedom in the laboring process, and respect and honor of the laboring woman.  This new knowledge ignited a passion in me for helping mothers and their partners develop their own wisdom surrounding birth.

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My Services

Doula Services Package-$1000

I currently offer one basic services package which includes:

1. Free initial interview

2. Three prenatal visits

3. Continuous labor support

4. One postpartum visit

 To schedule a free initial consultation, or to learn more about my practice, please contact me by email at  I will respond within 1 day.

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Prenatal Visits

Educate and Empower

During your first prenatal visit, we will go over helpful information, discuss what kind of birth you envision and how best to achieve that, and come up with questions to ask your care provider.  I will teach you exercises to prepare your body for birth.  At your second visit, we will discuss anything that has changed with your pregnancy and prepare for any upcoming appointments.  We will start building your birth plan.  At your third prenatal visit, we will finalize your birth plan, practice comfort techniques, and address any remaining fears or concerns you or your partner may have.

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Continuous Labor Support

Honor and Encourage

I will be with you continuously throughout your labor, providing guidance, support, encouragement, comfort techniques, and optimizing communication with your birth team and partner.  I will take notes on your labor events for you to keep.  I can take photos during your labor if you wish and if permitted by your place of birth.  I will stay with you after delivery, if you prefer, for up to two hours.  During this time I can help with breastfeeding initiation as needed.

Water Birth

Postpartum Support

Reflect and Nurture

I include one postpartum visit in the first week after birth.  During this visit, we will discuss the events of your birth, emotional and physical wellness and self-care, and address breastfeeding questions and concerns if applicable.

Newborn Baby

"Birth is not only about making babies.  It's about making mothers-strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength."

Barbara Katz Rothman

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